Personal Branding Magazine LAUNCHED!

My friend Dan Schawbel just launched a magazine about personal branding. He is a great friend of mine, and met me by coming across my blog! He himself has his own blog on personal branding which I truly enjoy reading.

He created this magazine not only to educate others about the importance of their brand, but to also raise money for the American Cancer Society. He is giving 100% of the subscription money to the society to furthe help the organization in the future.

Here is a video of him briefly talking about the magazine.

Also, one other cool thing about the magazine is that he asked me to be one of the authors! It is great to be a part of something that is so positive!

I hope you all get yourself a copy not only to educate yourself about the importance of building your personal brand, but to also help out the American Cancer Society. Get your copy today by going to http://www.PersonalBrandingMag.com

Have a great day and enjoy the Magazine!

Scott Bradley

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Maria - Buzz2Bucks said...

Hey Scott!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I posted this same comment their in response to your awesome comment on the Personal Branding Mag post.

I agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY when you explain it that way. That DESPERATION, you refer to, is just like that "commission breath" I was mentioned.

When I'm working with those very people who "get too sales-sy", their comments focus around "quotas","making their numbers", the "numbers game" and making money because they NEED the sale (for the funds necessary to be able to continue living). This brings them in to that "survival mode" and when ANYONE of us is in survival mode we either "fight" or "flight" - either way we are not good listeners nor are we really able to hear anyone else's needs.

I really appreciate your explanation. And, I agree, the laundry list of how your product is the latest, greatest thing since "sliced bread" would send me running! I, also, agree it takes conscious effort and skill to be "passionate" without being "crazed".

By far, I like your second approach and I'm one who advocates taking it one step further in earning the right to be heard. I advocate saying "Scott, you mentioned the other day that you were experiencing these problems and if I knew what you would consider SUCCESS in fixing these problems, I might be able to be of help - either myself or some of my great connections. What would you like to see happen to fix these?"

Operate from the mindset that the customer is an expert of themselves and they know what "winning" looks like for them. Even it's not really specific picture but a on a "feeling" like that of no stress or "being the hero". Then, you, as the expert in your field can see if your product/service can evoke that for them or possibly "be a connector" and refer one of your connections.

I hope your thorough explanation makes just the right impact on some of my readers. Thanks so much, Scott!