Networking Tip: Remember Your Contacts Birthday! (Yes...Today is my 22nd Birthday!)

One important thing to networking and building know like and trust relationships with people is remembering their birthdays.

Out of all the days in the year, a persons birthday is the day that each individual likes to BE REMEMBERED for being on this planet one more year.

Think about it, how awesome do you feel when a close friend or contact calls you up and wishes you a happy birthday, or in this web 2.0 world writes on your wall wishing you a wonderful day. I feel so blessed to have contacts like that who take the effort to make it happen!

Today, November 23rd 2007 it is my 22nd birthday, and the birthday wishes that I have gotten from people in my network have been a joy to receive. The simple messages of "Happy Birthday Scott" to full blown "Happy Birthday Scott, you are going to have one kick a** year" are some of the many wishes I have received from my circle of contacts in all industries!

Other exciting news that I have to share is that this week I also accepted a job to work at the Macy's home store in NY upon my graduation from Boston College! I will be starting on June 23rd and am so pumped. I am looking forward to being on their "buying track" for the home store in the future.

Ok...back on topic, sending people cards, giving people phone calls, and writing on peoples walls are things that I do to keep up to date with everyones birthdays. What is it that you do?

With todays technology keeping up with peoples birthdays is as simple as creating reminders in a google/yahoo calendar, setting alerts on your cell phone, and using facebooks feature to let you know when your friends birthdays are approaching.

Just remember...The more rapport you build with your contacts as time passes, the more likely they will be willing to do you a favor in the future...recognizing their birthday is just one of the many things you can do to keep that relationship strong!

Have a great day and I hope you didn't eat too much turkey yesterday!

Scott Bradley

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