Failure Is Part Of The Success Equation

Failure Is Part Of The Success Equation
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I was sitting there thinking the other day about how the majority of successful people have more often than not failed the most. One may think that only those that are successful never have failed...the problem with that thinking is that it is not true.

From my research, those who have achieved the success most people seek, are those who have learned that Failure is truly part of the Success Equation.

I also believe there are other things that are part of the success equation...
The other things I personally believe are...
Hard Work

Out of all of those factors, the two factors on the list that most people wouldn't even think about being there are Failure and Adversity.

As my law professor has said, "Adversity is what introduces us to ourselves."

It is only after you have failed, and struggled through a time in your life that you truly get to know who you are as a person, and how you are going to react to any given situation.

Being the baseball player that I was, since the age of 5...I can remember the countless number of times that I failed. Despite the strikeout the last inning, the homerun I gave up on the mound, the bonehead move I made on the bases, or the fielding error I made on the field, I learned that failure and adversity is just part of the game...and knowing that I learned from my mistakes and worked to never let them happen again.

When you look at baseball for instance...If someone fails 7 out of 10 times they are considered "Awesome".

When looking at the business world...Most millionairs have gone bankrupt before they actually achieved the millionaire status they were looking for...Why is that do you think?

Well my belief is that after failing, they learned how not to do "whatever it is they were trying to do", so when they went to do it again, they executed their plan in the way that would best serve them.

I find this way of thought so interesting...Most believe that you have to be perfect the first time you do something...when in reality...that is too "ideal"...

So anyway, know that the only way you learn is by failing, and rather than seeing failure as a negative experience, embrace it...embrace the fact that after you failed, you learned something.

Most people make the mistake of not learning how to correct the mistake they made, and then continue to wonder why they are getting the same results over and over again...Learn to adapt and apply, learn from your mistakes, and then achieve the success you are seeking!

One fast way to do this is to find mentors...but that is a whole other post...

More to come!

Have a great day!

Scott Bradley

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