There are 2 Games In Life

The other day I was thinking...as I always do...about life.
I was thinking how can I boil life down to what it really is.
I know it sounds really philosophical...but after thinking about it I have boiled life down to two things.

1. The first game you play in life is the "Money Game"
2. The second game you play in life is the "Relationship Game"

Let me explain...

In this lifetime we have to figure out a way for us to not have to rely on someone else to help us continue to live. We as human individuals need to figure out a way to support ourselves on our own by having some sort of revenue coming in month after month. Due to the undeniable fact that we all can't work forever, we need to try and figure out how we can win this "Money Game." Winning the game is simple, but not easy. Figure out a way you can make more money work for you to help you produce enough income on a monthly basis to support your lifestyle

I know, I know...sounds simple right? As we go through life we think that people who live lifestyles like this just have a huge pile of money somewhere that they take from over and over again to maintain their lifestyle. The problem with that thinking is that it couldn't be farther from the truth. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule with the billionaires, but they are few and far between. For most of us we need to figure out a way to have our money work for us.

It is not so much of an easy task. From what I have learned, the best way to do this is build or buy assets that will pay you over and over again. I learned this concept from Robert Kiyosaki, after reading his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. The problem with the average thinking of "Go to school, get good grades, find a safe secure job with benefits," is something that may have worked in the past, but now cannot hold ground in the uneasy economic times, because of the variability in the markets.

If you haven't already, I would highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad. I read it my sophomore year in high school and after doing that it completely changed my life for the better. Not only did it show me a way to win the "Money Game" but it helped me embark on the financial journey that I have been going through since the initial reading of that book.

So we can all agree that one of the games that life encompasses is the "Money Game."

Now for the "Relationship Game."

Aside from there being a money game, we as human beings have to play the "Relationship Game" as well. Thing is, with this "Money Game" and "Relationship Game" you can't succeed in one, if you can't succeed in another.

Let me explain...

Knowing how to build, grow and maintain new relationships with people is essential not only to a wonderful life with many friends, but is really something that is imperative that you must know how to do if you want to win the money game.

When looking at the successful entrepreneurs, and people who are incredibly happy...they typically have a network of people they can rely on, and in conjunction those people can rely on them. It is a win/win situation. By working together they synergistically achieve more, thus creating more than anyone ever could by themselves.

You see...Take an entrepreneur for instance. Entrepreneurs need people to work with them and for them. Entrepreneurs can't build a company by themselves...They can't manage the accounting, law work, operations work, and all of the other intricacies of running their own business. They need to know how to build relationships with people who specialize in those fields so they can all synergistically take whatever company the entrepreneur is building to the top.

I know we have all heard that the acronym TEAM...spells out...Together Everyone Achieves More...In the case of the entrepreneur and building a company, it couldn't be more true.

Now this "Relationship Game" doesn't only apply to business, but also applies to everyday life. If you as a person burn bridges, hold grudges, negatively criticize people, slander people, or even lose the trust of people who you interact with, do you think people will want to work with you or be friends with you anymore? I think not...

You see...If you were a person that everyone saw as a ball of negative energy, a pain in the butt, and someone who couldn't be trusted, the chances of you achieving anything in life is slim to none. Yeah you could work at a job, but for you to win the "Money Game" it would be much more of a challenge...It is a possibility you may never win the money game and end up dying broke on food stamps and social security.

The bottom line is that these two games in life can be seen in any facet of life. If you build trusting relationship with people, and truly genuinely care for their well being, they in return will most likely do the same for you. If you would like to learn how to do this more effectively I would HIGHLY recommend that you pick up Dale Carnegies book "How To Win Friends and Influence People." I am just finishing it up now and absolutely love it. It is not only helping me with my personal relationships, but is also helping me with my business.

As the law of attraction states, "You get what you send out," and "You attract what you think and feel about most." If you positively portray yourself as a positive person who wants to continue to grow, and build the trust between you, your friends and family, and those you do business with...the chances of you winning the "Money Game" are very likely.

I would love to hear your comments about this.

Scott Bradley

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