Be A Resource To Your Network

Be A Resource To Your Network
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Have you ever networked with someone only to later discover that they were networking you just to use you for their means to an end and couldn't care less about your personal situation? How did it make you feel? Did it encourage you to want to help that person in the future?

In the world that we live in networking is essential to get to where we all want to go...but when networking we must keep the other persons best interests in mind.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that when networking...aside from utilizing the other person for their personal network or their services, don't forget to let them know how you can be a resource to them as well...to further create a synergistic bond between you and them.

You can be a resource to your networked contacts many ways...Here are a few:
1) Freely sending referrals to people in your network
2) Talking about them on your blog...about the services they provide or their business...and how it helped you
3) Giving them a way to advertise their services in a personal newsletter of yours
4) Doing a joint venture with each of your mailing lists
5) Throwing an event that gives yourself as well as your networked contacts the ability to grow each others business's
6) Letting everyone know that you can help them by directing them to other people in your network who specialize in other fields
7) Letting them know how you can personally help them with your personal services you offer

As you get good at this, and the more of a resource you are to your network...the more you began to serve them and be a resource to them...more likely than not...if you did a good job making connections...they will return the favor to you...

As your network grows not only is it beneficial to you, but rather just as beneficial to your entire network. Because one of your contacts can come to you and ask… “John do you know someone who…(fill in the blank)?”

As we all have heard before...you must give before you recieve and in networking this universal law is illustrated as well. The more you give the more you get.

Here is one of the many stories that have happened to me on my networking journey.

1) Ben Casnocha who I wrote about on an early post...the 19 year old CEO who started his company at the age of 14...is someone who I initially met on facebook. After meeting him we began chatting and really hit it off. To do him a favor I invited him to come to the Boston College Entrepreneur Society to speak and promote his book that just launched recently. After his return home...to return the favor he sent me a FREE copy of his book as a token of his gratitude for having me invite him to come and speak. I have just started to read it and it is awesome. It details how a 14 year old like him built his business from the ground up...sharing all of what he did on the way!

So remember when networking...aside from thinking how you can utilize the other person as a contact...don't forget to think...How can I create a win/win situation to help this person get to where they want to go...and further be a great resource to them for their future?

Have a great day!

Scott Bradley

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Alex Lindahl & Miles Lennon said...

I really agree with the idea of being a resource for others. It is also a great way of meeting people through that process as well.

The more you help, the more people will help you.

Iantrepreneur said...

great post, and this is so true, I enjoyed reading - and will be referring to this soon!

jamie said...

wonderful perspective. these are just great guidelines to live by. thanks!

Dan Schawbel said...

Scott, I would like to roll this post into my up and coming magazine. Your name will be cited and it is to benefit the American Cancer Society charity.

email me and let me know what you think.