Are You On Linked-In Yet?

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet.

As you know I love networking and I was thinking the other day...to keep this blog rolling and to change things up a bit...I should share a website with you that will help you with your networking efforts. That website is called Linked-In.

With this website you can connect to other professionals in your line and field of work, as well as with personal friends you met in high school and college.

The power in this website is that when you connect to your friends...you can see your friends contacts and see what professional positions they hold and what industries they are in.

Imagine being able to check out all of your friends professional contacts to see if they can help you before you have to ask your friends and business people for help.

If you saw someone that you needed for your business in one of your friends contact lists...you could simply ask your friend to introduce you to them. I think I have about 27 contacts frontline to me...and just with those 27 contacts have over 300K people that I can have access to...3 levels deep...Pretty powerful stuff.

Here is how my network is currently structured as I write this
Me---frontline (27)---2nd level (1800)---3rd level (390,000)

Anyway...I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND that you get on this site and link yourself with all of your friends and their professional contacts so they are all in one place and easy to manage.

Feel free to send me a "friend request as well" I would be happy to connect. When you connect with me you will be able to have access to my professional networked contacts which I would be happy to introduce you to if you would like to speak to any of them to help you with your future business or networking endeavors!

You can easily find me on Linked In by searching for "Scott Bradley Boston College". I am the only one that comes up when you search that!

Here is the link to get started! I am looking forward to all of your linked in requests.


Have a great day!

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Asako said...

Yes, LinkedIn is a great tool. The funny thing is the site starts coming up with a list of names I must already know, from my past. I get so surprised to find a name I definitely know, but who was not my colleague, was not my classmate, was not in any of my formal activities. I have no idea how they do that. And, once you put them in your network, you do not have to update the contacts. When they move, they update their own profiles, then, it is also updated on your list. You will not lose contacts with your friends anymore.