Blogging: Affect Your Career One Post At A Time

I thought I share an article with you all that I just recently wrote for my school newspaper here at Boston College.

The title of the article is Blogging: Affect Your Career One Post At A Time.

Here is the link to the article


Have a great day!


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Jason Jacobsohn said...

Nice article Scott. It is great to see that you get it while you are in college. Personal branding is so important for business success. Good reminder to your readers that when interviewing for a job, an employer will most likely to an online search. Having a blog is definitely one way to stand out and tell people more about yourself.

Scott Bradley said...

Thanks Jason!
I appreciate you taking the time to read the article! There will be more to come! I have an awesome relationship with the guy who writes that section of the paper! Talk about a synergistic relationship! I create good content, he gets good stories! :)