Great "Ice-Breakers" When Networking

Great "Ice-Breakers" When Networking
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Knowing how to start a conversation is just as important as knowing how to carry on one.

Out of all the things to do when networking, starting the conversation is one of the most important things, because it is the very first action you take towards communicating with an individual. Typically, this initial exposure either warms the other person up to you, or turns them away...Depending on how you come off...

There are many things you can do when meeting people at networking events or public places.

Here are some things that have worked for me when meeting people for the first time.

At Networking Events...
1) Walk up to a person and introduce yourself by extending your hand out for a handshake and say, "Hi my name is Scott Bradley and I __________________ (fill in the blank)...what business are you in?

When you fill in the blank you can say something like...and I am the President of the Boston College Entrepreneur Society....or and I am in the Marketing Research field....or an I am an Entrepreneur...or and I graduated from Boston College. Be sure that whatever you say (in the blank) matches the surroundings you are in at the time.

Make your brief introduction something that is unique and memorable for the other person, so when they go back home they are able to look at your business card and say..."I remember him/her, he/she is __________."

After the short introduction then you can start working with the Three Key Questions that I typically ask next.

In Public...
1) Ask someone what time it is, and then after that comment on the weather.
2) Ask someone about the weather and talk about how good or bad it is.
3) Give someone a compliment about something they are carrying or they are wearing, and then ask a question about it (I learned this one from one of my mentors and it works VERY well)
4) Ask someone a question about something they are carrying...EG...A new iPhone, A new iPod, Headphones...You can ask, "How do you like ______________."
5) Ask someone about the store they went to if they are carrying a department store bag...EG..."How busy was the apple store today?...What did you end up buying?"
6) You can use this..."I really like your ____________, where did you get them?"

These Ice-Breakers should help you get the conversations started, and once you get them rolling just weave in those "3 Key Questions" and you will be all set!

Have a fabulous day!
Scott Bradley

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