Networking Case Study - David Mullings

Last night David Mullings and his brother Robert Mullings, who are the co-owners of the company Real Vibez, spoke last night at my Boston College Entrepreneur Society Meeting.

David and Robert's company has a unique business model. Their business simply creates content around the Caribbean music scene, and distributes it freely over the internet through music videos and the like. They make their money through advertising, but also are looking to implement other income streams in the future with their Real Vibez brand.

Initially, I met David Mullings through facebook. In the video below I am going to show you what I did, and how I did it, to find a co-CEO of a company that is only 6 years old. After meeting him, like I did in the movie, we stayed in touch through the facebook messaging feature, and also shared content through our blogs.

We built up a great rapport between us, so when he came to visit, it was just like old time friends meeting up again. The relationship with David began around last May, so I have been building a relationship with him for awhile before I decided to invite him to speak to my members!

David Mullings and his Brother have relationships with Sean Paul, and other powerful Raggae artists! Who knows where that relationship can go. No matter where it does go, we will always look to create win/win situations between us every time.

I can't stress enough how important it is to take the time to network on facebook...It is far more than a place to connect with friends...But rather...A place to find future partners, investors, and life long friends.

Just be willing to put yourself out there into the "Randomness of the world"...You never know what will come from it!

Here is the video I recorded on Jing to show you how I met David Mullings! Feel free to leave your comments!

Link To Movie

Have an awesome day!

Scott Bradley

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