How To Network Effectively Using Instant Messaging

How To Network Effectively Using Instant Messaging
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Aside from using social networking sites to meet people, I also like to use Instant Messaging to meet and network with like-minded individuals as well.

I learned this craft from a man who built his network marketing business using instant messaging. After going through his course, it made me feel like I had the world at my fingertips...and to be frank...the contacts and friendships I have built using instant messaging have been life-changing.

The man who taught me how to do this is named Max Steingart. He is a veteran network marketer and is teaching people how to meet people online, and further teaching people how to build those know like and trust relationships with people using the power of instant messaging.

Initially when I heard about this I was skeptical...but when I started applying these techniques to meet other like minded individuals...a whole new world opened up for me.

So you are probably sitting there thinking...Ok Scott...Spill the beans already!

Here are the steps I was taken through for this to work.

1) Figure out a chatting service you want to use...be it...AOL, MSN, or Yahoo.

2) When you decide on a Instant Messaging Platform...then your next step is to figure out a screen name you would like to use.

3) Design your profile

4) Figure out the people you would like to chat with

5) Take action and start putting yourself out there

So to elaborate....

1) When you decide on a chatting service to use...I initially began working on AOL...but soon switched to yahoo due to the member directory being all screwed up...What was happening was when I was searching for people "online" it was giving me people “offline” at the time I was searching. I would recommend that you choose Yahoo to get started. All you have to do is go to yahoo and get an account set up...its pretty easy.

2) The next fun step is to figure out a screen name for yourself. Remember...you never get a second chance to make a first impression...so make it unique to you and one that will not only attract other people to you, but also give people a good feeling about you when you initially send them an instant message. Mine for AOL is CaliforniaEagle and for Yahoo is CaliforniaEagle23. The reason I chose this screen name is because I am from California, and my school mascot is an eagle. I will always be able to take this screen name with me wherever I go and will always be able to say "I am from California and went to Boston College...the mascot was an Eagle."

3) After creating a screen name...then you get to design your profile. Make your profile genuine and full of content about you. You want your profile to be a direct reflection of who you are so when people you initially IM look at it...they get a good feeling about you. I am not saying to be a liar...but rather be honest, genuine and up-front. Be sure to include a positive quote.

4) Know what audience you want to talk to...Do you want to target lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, network marketers, sales people, business owners....do you want them to share an interest with you....how old....what state.....what age....and so on...Know who you want to be speaking with. This is crucial...because while there are a lot of junky people to talk to online, there are also the awesome ones....you just have to know how to sort them out and how to find them.

5) Once you have all of that set up...then TAKE ACTION. Go to the member directory, and go to the "advanced search". In yahoo just utilize the boxes from the keywords down....Set your demographic, and target....make sure to check the "I only want to see people online" and then let the search run. If you did it right....you will find between 5-20 quality people ready and waiting to hear from you...

Now....before contacting these people...you want to open up their profile to take a look at who they are.....THE BEAUTY OF THIS is that you get to get a good feeling about a person before ever initiating any sort of communication with them. The first thing I was taught to look at in a person's profile is if they HAVE A POSITIVE QUOTE.....If they don't…move onto the next one.

When you find a good one...then it is time to initiate the conversation....

Say for instance you were searching for people with the word "exotic cars" in their profile. This is an intro I would use...

"Hello John my name is Scott. I was searching the member directory for people who are interested in exotic cars and noticed your profile. What is your favorite exotic?"

After sending that message they will most likely go to your profile...check you out....and then respond....This is why your profile and screen name are so crucial to your success in people responding to you.

After this...he would probably say something back....and once this happens....focus the conversation on him and only him...ask him the three questions....What do you do? How long have you done it? and What did you do before?

At one point in the conversation he will feel like he has shared too much and wants to learn more about you....and then he will reciprocate....

Imagine this like a tennis match back and forth....you put the ball over...and then they put it over to you...

One thing to make sure that you do, to keep the conversation flowing is to always always always after you say something ask an open ended question....for instance....say that he says..."I like ferrari's...." Then I would respond with..."You do? I love ferrari's as well. When did you last drive one?"

This will keep the conversation going, and keep you going down the road of building rapport and a relationship....

Now obviously what I have shared is the perfect world...and as we all know...nothing is perfect....
You will get people who ignore you....
You will get people who won't give you the time of day....
You will get people who just drop off...

BUT (notice the bigness)...the ones who you continue to build relationships with over time...can lead to some really cool things.

For me I want to share some of the awesome stories I have had building networks and relationships on the net

1) I was on AOL and was searching for people with the word Robert Kiyosaki in their profile because I love his books....Turns out I meet this guy who is a business owner. I will keep his name anonymous...but after building a relationship with him for over a year he has turned into an awesome mentor...he is also a real estate investor and has contacts to billionaires....aside from continuing to build a friendship with him...I use him as a bounce board for what I am doing and such. He has also expressed interesting in investing in business’s I start in the future.

2) For my second story I was looking to meet people down in San Diego for a conference with one of the MLM's I was building at the time. I came across this profile after searching for people with an interest in "numerology". I sent a message to this lady and really hit it off with her...We started talking about numerology and such...learned what she did...and so on...find out she is a Real Estate Investor....and has turned out to be an amazing awesome friend....and another mentor....Both of us can talk to each other for hours about anything... What is really awesome about this friend is that she referred me to a company who was thinking about implementing one of my products I was promoting through and MLM at the time....with over 15K people in the entire company....I would have made more than enough from the deal....but turned out the lady never got back to me...but that being said....huge things can happen when you least expect them.

3) When I was utilizing this method to build my business I came across a profile from a person who was in network marketing. I later found out she was a master distributor in a company at the time. She taught me so much and really helped me hone my network marketing skills. She then started talking to me about how she was going to be a master distributor in another company that was going to be launching....and she wanted me to be on her frontline to help build the company...I decided not to do it for personal reasons, but the fact that I had that opportunity from building a relationship with someone through instant messaging is just amazing.

4) This last story is inspiring and touching all at the same time. At a time I was in a "spiritual" chatroom....and as I was just about to leave the chatroom...all of a sudden I received an IM that said..."Why do you have question marks in your profile?" Little did I know there were question marks in my profile. I went to change them and started chatting with this woman. We hit it off right from the start. We then over time moved our conversation to the phone and further shared with eachother and how to make our lives better. We talked all about the Art of Allowing, Law of Attraction...life, nutrition, motivational material and the like. I learned from this woman that she was one who battled cancer and beat it her first time with no drugs and all with the power of her own mind....At the time I met her she was doing therapy and was in remission....We always talked at every opportunity we were online....To make a long story short her cancer came back and she passed away last year right before I came home from school.

This story makes me realize how powerful building relationships with people online can be...and further how awesome it is when you do find worthwhile people to connect with and stay in touch with.

As time goes forward I will continue to meet people online using web 2.0 as well as through Instant Messaging because it has truly opened up so many more doors for me than I ever thought possible.

While I only had space for these 4 stories there are many others I could share with you.
If you would like to reach out to me feel free to either IM me or Call me. Don’t worry I don’t bite…LOL

Yahoo: CaliforniaEagle23
AOL: CaliforniaEagle

Have an awesome day!

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Haroun said...

Thanks for that amazing post. I've not read a more inspiring and informative post before.

I'm going to start using your suggestions and keep you updated with my results. I'll also check you out on Yahoo

Scott Bradley said...


You are so welcome!
Keep me updated! I am looking forward to your results!

Have a great day!

Chichi said...

Hi Scott

I enjoyed reading your post. I've also taken Max Steingart's course and I've used instant messaging to find interesting people and build some good friendships.

I'll find you on Yahoo.