What's Your Desired End Result?

What's Your Desired End Result?
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Steven Covey states, in his book the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People..."Begin with the end in mind." If you haven't already done so I would highly recommend that you get this book.

This is the very first habit he talks about, and truly puts it in a way that hits you where it hurts. He says...Imagine you are on your deathbed...How does it feel? Have you accomplished everything that you wanted to? Have you traveled to where you want to go? Have you seen and met the people you had wanted to see and meet?

He further goes to hit you harder with...What do you think the people will say at your funeral and wake? How would it make you feel? Is it what you would want them to say?

Now this habit of beginning with the end in mind, can further be applied to your business, or further anything that you want to get done in your life.

For example...If one of your desired end results is writing a book and distributing it in a book store...then your only job is to figure out how to make that possible, and since there are people that have done it, and information out there to educate you about doing it...all you have to do is simply formulate your plan starting from the end result, by planning it out step by step...working backwards from the end result...to where you are today. Once that plan is laid...obviously taking action is the next essential step.
For those that like equations
End Result=(step 5 + step 4 + step 3 + step 2 + step 1 * TODAY) / (Action)

Graphically speaking you work from left to right instead of right to left in this equation. The reason the equation is divided by action is because after figuring out all of the steps that you need to take to reach your end result, you must take Action on each step to go down the desired path.
Obviously this is easier said than done, but it is what it takes to achieve any end result you are looking to achieve.

Adding to this concept of beginning with the end in mind...in one of his book, Robert Kiyosaki states..."Start from your dreams and work backwards."

When examining this phrase...think about it...how many people do you know that knew what they wanted, did what they had to do, and eventually achieved their dreams?

On the flipside...how many people do you know that are scattered, with a lack of focus, and who really don't know where they want to go and do?

This concept seems to be more broad and expansive, but still has the same undertones of Covey's Habit of "Beginning with the end in mind."

This concept of beginning with the end in mind, and starting from my dreams and working backwards hit me right between the eyes after I lost my father to a silent heart attack right in front of my eyes my freshmen year at Boston College. His wake was on my 19th birthday and his funeral was the day before Thanksgiving.

Not only did these concepts come clear to me after the experience, but further helped reiterate the point to me that you truly never know when your number is up...and because of that...working towards your goals each day is essential not only to your future success but also to your everyday happiness. I am sure we have all heard the quote "Work is love made visible" - Anonymous.

Now while some of you may be thinking after reading this that you need to have everything planned out to a T with a perfect timeline of when things should be done...I would like to remind you that it is not what I am getting at here. All I am saying is...Have your end result, and the plan laid out with the actions you must take to achieve the end result...then take action at your own pace...Remember...Getting to your end result is a journey not a destination.

If you just began to start taking action on something, but are not able to see it to the end before starting it...you will feel like you are going in circles wondering why you are not getting anything productive done, and further frustrate yourself because it will take you longer to get to where you want to go. Your personal exit strategy with whatever you choose to do keeps you focused and on track to achieve what it is that you want to achieve...and when you begin your journey to your desired result, since you already know what you have to do to get there...the only thing that you have to do is take action...

So to sum it up...

1) Know your end result before taking action...see it all the way to the end and don't lose focus...take each task step by step

2) Be sure to have people there to support you on your journey

3) Take ACTION!...It is the hardest part.

4) Be Committed to seeing your desired result to the end (Have a burning "Why" for achieving the desired result)

Personally for me I know that I want to be a very Rich Man...this is my end result...

The plan that I am taking action on...which is always subject to change is this...
1) Build a Network Marketing Organization that pays me a good 5 figure monthly residual income (Takes between 3-5 years to build that income)...where my money is working for me

2) Take the residual income from my Network Marketing Business and invest it into Real Estate using various types of methods depending on the market...to further build up another residual income stream

3) Take the money from the real estate and invest it into the stock market using various methods depending on the direction of the market at the time...to again leverage myself more where my money is working for me

4) Publish my book about the athletic recruiting process, and structure a business around that helping high school athletes play their sport in college...and weave my network marketing business's into it some way....to further gain more leverage

As you can see it is a very broad focus, but right now I am just focusing on building my Network Marketing Business...doing the activities necessary to build it once and build it big... and then once it is built I will move onto real estate while still managing and growing my NWM Biz…but more passively.

If you are not entirely sure what a Network Marketing Business is, or how it can benefit you feel free to visit this movie, which illustrates how network marketing works. Click Here To Learn What Network Marketing Is And How It Can Benefit You. After watching the movie feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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So…Stay focused, figure out what you need to do to get your desired result, take action on what you need to do, and enjoy the fruits of your labor after you have completed your goal!

Make it a great day!
Scott Bradley

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Just wanna say that Stephen Covey is soo cool because he not only gives suggestions from a business point of view but ALSO from a personal point view and ways to better communication whether it be your home or work....